What Do You Call Electronic Cigarette Liquid?

This is a question asked by every electronic cigarette user at some point. Usually it is asked by new Vapers (ecigarette users). After a while all vapers decide on a name that they choose to use to refer to electronic cigarette liquid. It is amazing how many different names have been used to refer to this liquid. Some of the most common are e liquid or eliquid, e juice, nicotine liquid, ecigarette liquid, and ecig liquid. Some people refer to e liquid by the brand or type of electronic cigarette they use. Examples of these are eGo cigarette liquid or eGo liquid, eGo-T liquid, ego-W liquid, eGo-C liquid, etc.

The Correct Answer is: All of the Above

You can call electronic cigarette liquid whatever you want to.

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We have the best and lowest priced e liquid, eliquid, e juice, nicotine liquid, ecigarette liquid and ecig liquid on the web.

Let us be your one stop electronic cigarette liquid provider.

Happy Vaping!!!


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