Signature Requirement

Due to regulations with our credit card processors and MasterCard an Adult signature is required upon delivery on all e liquid/e cig purchases made online as of January 15, 2017.

These regulations come from MasterCard, who is enforcing them upon Vaping businesses. We have talked to our processing company on numerous occasions about dropping MasterCard as a payment method we accept, but they will not allow us to operate and not accept MasterCard. We have spoken to competitors to try and circumvent the MasterCard regulations to no avail. This is a reality we simply have to accept, despite our best attempts. Even if you are not paying for your order with a MasterCard the Credit Card processor has made a blanket policy to require all packages being sent out to require a signature.

Some of you may not be satisfied with our explanation on the mandatory shipping changes. If so, please call MasterCard Customer Service at 800-307-7309 or visit their web page at to file a complaint or ask questions.

The fee charged by USPS Pitney Bowes SendPro is $2.60.  The fee will  be added automatically at checkout.  We are in no way making a profit off of this fee.

We do not know why some companies do not require a signature but we are required to according to our Credit card processor and attorneys.



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