Lowest Priced Dekang e liquid on the Web

eLiquid Market has the lowest prices on Dekang e liquid on the internet. The reason we have the lowest prices on Dekang e liquid is that we buy directly from Changning Dekang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. We also buy more than 10,000 bottles per order. Therefore, we receive the lowest price that Dekang offers and we have no middle man costs. We also use an air freight company to ship our e liquid to us, which saves hundreds over using a DHL or UPS type company. When we receive the filled bottles from Dekang we put our eLiquid Market label on them and ship them out to our customers.

We also don’t try to make a killing on one order. We want to develop a long term relationship with our customers. It actually costs a lot more to import e liquid from Dekang than to make it ourselves and yet we sell our genuine Dekang e liquid for less than the vast majority of the sites who make there on e liquid. We are proud to carry Dekang  e liquid because they have chemists who supervise the production and formulation of all their e liquid, they have a multimillion dollar lab where their e liquid is produced, and they have independent testing of all of their e liquid. (Please watch the tour of one of Dekang’s labs on our home page) How many sites do you know that provide a video of their lab.

Please don’t think because we have the cheapest priced Dekang e liquid on the internet that our service or commitment to our valued customers is cheap. We mail all orders out that are received by 4:00p.m central time that same day. (except for Saturday and Sunday) Any orders received after 4:00p.m central time are mailed the following business day. We also are available for your questions either by email or phone during our business hours. Any emails received after business hours are responded to the next business day.

If you are interested in getting the best e liquid and the best prices anywhere we are the place for you.

We look forward to being your one stop e liquid provider.



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