FDA Proposed Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquid

Here at eLiquid market we welcome the proposed FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes and e liquid. In a recent press release the FDA announced that it would seek to regulate electronic cigarettes. Its proposal was to require e cigarette manufactures and e liquid manufacturers to register with the FDA and to provide to the FDA the ingredients found in the electronic cigarettes and e liquid that the manufacturers produced. The manufacturer would also have to prove that certain toxic substances banned by the FDA were not present in their electronic cigarettes and e liquid. Further the regulations would require warning labels on electronic cigarettes and e liquid, and would prohibit the sale to minors under the age of 18.

Dekang is the only e liquid that we sell here at currently. Dekang has been registered with the FDA since August 22, 2011. Dekang has already provided the FDA with proof of its ingredients and proof that its e liquid contains none of the toxic substances banned by the FDA. Dekang is further GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Procedures, certified by all the major world certification organizations including the FDA. Dekang is the only e liquid manufacturer with all of the major food and pharmaceutical manufacturers certificates. Dekang is totally in compliance with the proposed FDA regulations even before those regulations were even thought of being proposed.

eliquid Market is also in compliance with the rest of the FDA’s proposed regulations because we have warning labels on all our e liquid bottles. We also require age verification before each purchase of any of our e liquid.

I don’t expect these proposed regulations to come into effect any time soon. In fact it is doubtful if they will ever be passed. However, if these regulations do get passed we are ready for them. I expect that these regulations will, however, close down 90% of all of the so called e liquid manufacturers on the internet though. It is amazing how many e liquid manufacturers have contacted us to sell their e liquid that don’t have chemists and won’t send us videos of their labs. I spoke to one the other day that has a big presence on the internet. I told them that I needed to see a video of their lab, the CV (educational background) on their chemist and proof that they had independent lab testing. They sent me a video of their lab, which was industrial kitchen quality, they said they were about to hire a chemist and they were getting equipment to test their own e liquid after it was produced. This story is typical of the online producers of e liquid. Dekang is not typical. Dekang is the oldest e liquid manufacturer in the world. They do it right and because we carry their e liquid and we do it right we are ready now for the proposed FDA regulations that may never come.

Also please look at the video of Dekang’s lab on the home page of our website. You will not find a video of any other e liquid producers or seller’s website of their lab. That fact alone speaks volumes to the text above.


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