E Cigarettes Under Attack

Big  Companies are spending millions in lobbying efforts to pass legislation to try to slow down or stop electronic cigarette use. Their efforts have resulted in several states proposing legislation that would ban electronic cigarette use in public places, tax its sales, or stop internet sales in these states.

States with current legislation are California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, and Maine. If you live in one of these states we ask that you go to and find out what you can do to help stop the proposed legislation in your state.

CASAA is an organization who is committed to  promoting and protecting the use of alternatives to smoking cigarettes. We strongly recommend that all of our readers join CASAA and help protect all of our rights to Vape. If we all join together we can stop big companies, like they almost stopped us before we found electronic cigarettes.

Happy Vaping from us at eLiquid Market!!!


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