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What Is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is a term used in vaping, meaning that you are blowing out a large volume of vapor.  There are a lot of things that are done differently to achieve this that are not done with traditional e-cigs.  One of the most important is the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) mix of the e liquid itself.  PG…

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FDA Proposed Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquid

Here at eLiquid market we welcome the proposed FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes and e liquid. In a recent press release the FDA announced that it would seek to regulate electronic cigarettes. Its proposal was to require e cigarette manufactures and e liquid manufacturers to register with the FDA and to provide to the FDA the ingredients found in the electronic…

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The answer to that question is a matter of preference. However the following are  general guidelines that can help you decide. If you are new to Vaping (using an electronic cigarette). If you smoke less than a half pack of cigarettes a day then 6mg of nicotine is a good choice to start vaping with. If you smoke a half…

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E Cigarettes Under Attack

Big  Companies are spending millions in lobbying efforts to pass legislation to try to slow down or stop electronic cigarette use. Their efforts have resulted in several states proposing legislation that would ban electronic cigarette use in public places, tax its sales, or stop internet sales in these states. States with current legislation are California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Alabama, South Carolina,…

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What Do You Call Electronic Cigarette Liquid?

This is a question asked by every electronic cigarette user at some point. Usually it is asked by new Vapers (ecigarette users). After a while all vapers decide on a name that they choose to use to refer to electronic cigarette liquid. It is amazing how many different names have been used to refer to this liquid. Some of the…

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