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About e Liquid Market


Our Goal is to provide the best quality e liquid/e juice for e cigarettes at the best possible price. We currently only carry Dekang e liquid. The reason we only carry Dekang is they are the only e liquid manufacturer that we have proof that they actually have a chemist supervising the production of their e liquid, the only producer of e liquid that has a million dollar plus lab that has total clean room protocols, and the only producer that has an independent lab testing their liquid. We have been contacted by numerous other companies who wanted to sell their liquid through us and we have asked for their chemist’s CV, a video of their lab, and proof of independent testing. To date none of these producers have provided any of this to us.




E-Liquid Market is my go to stateside vendor for e-liquids. DeKang is perhaps the number 1 manufacturer of liquids in the world and has a proven safety track record along with some amazing flavors. Every order from E-Liquid Market is processed professionally and faster than any other vendor that I use. Often I will place an order over the weekend and it will arrive to me in Las Vegas by Wednesday, which is exceptional. Once you find flavors that you like…you’ll never find a better vendor to buy from and their prices are a bargain that you’ll find hard to beat in the US.