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High VG – Blueberry Dekang e liquid – 50ml

Great Blueberry Taste. Do you want a chewing gum flavored e liquid ? Many of our customers say that our Blueberry tastes just like Juicy Fruit Gum. If you love...

High VG – Cheesecake Dekang e Liquid – 50ml

Sweet Cheesecake taste. This electronic cigarette  liquid is like no other. You can blend this Dekang e liquid with many of our other Dekang e liquids to make great tasting blends. Try...

High VG – Menthol Dekang e Liquid – 50ml

The Menthol Dekang e liquid is our most popular light menthol  flavor. This Menthol Dekang e liquid produces a nice smooth vape with a true menthol flavor. Eliquid Market’s High VG Dekang e...
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High VG – Portal Blend (P Blend) Dekang e Liquid – 50ml

The P Blend Dekang e liquid previously named Portal Blend is a bold menthol with a strong original  taste. This one is for those who want a strong menthol and original vape. Eliquid Market’s High...

High VG – Strawberry Dekang e Liquid – 50ml

The Strawberry Dekang e liquid has a juicy, sweet Strawberry taste. Strawberry Cheesecake anyone? Mix our Strawberry Dekang e liquid with our Cheesecake Dekang e liquid for a great Strawberry Cheesecake taste. The...

High VG – USA Mix Dekang e Liquid – 50ml

The USA Mix Dekang e liquid is our most popular light non-menthol flavored e liquid.  This light tasting e liquid has a great light traditional flavor. This is the perfect all day vape for...